Gardening with Play Dough

Sarah Teh

Me and my girl did a little gardening today. Gardening with play dough 😝. To be honest I dislike gardening! I mean the real outdoor gardening. But indoor gardening especially with play dough is totally OK! 🤭


We started of by making a cactus plant 🌵


Firstly, I got my girl to filled up the flower pot with pebbles using the spade provided in the kit. She then used her hands. She said is too slow using the spade, she would rather use her hands! 😓 

Next, we rolled the green play dough like a sausage and we place it in the flower pot that was filled with pebbles. 


Lastly, we poke the play dough with the toothpicks! 


Tadaa!! our play dough cactus 😉

We didn't end there. My girl wanted to do more. Since we have another 2 flower pots, so why not?


We then plant a flower🌻


This is super easy my girl said. 


We filled up the flower pot with brown play dough. Then we add the leaves and the flower. 


Easy-peasy, we planted our flower! 🤩

Isn't it beautiful? Our mini garden! 


Oh....we also planted a vegetable, a Bellpepper! 😄


After our "gardening, we place back the play dough back in the air tight jar so my little girl could re-play again anytime. 


For full video, you could click the link below

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