Water Coloring Painting Pages - Non Messy Painting

Non-Messy Clean & Easy Coloring Activity fir KIDS with re-moist i-colorPATCH

Paint from i-colorPATCH can be applied with cotton buds or artist brushes. Begin by writing the cotton bud or brush. Moisten the color patch. Wet it up as much as you need. Then, pick up the paints and color the drawing. 

More colours and tones of colours can be achieved by painting a color over another painted colour. 

For example, if you pain paint yellow over green, u get a lighter green. Or if orange is painted over purple, you may get a shade of brown. 

To achieve lighter shades of any color, just add more water, then paint. 

Use a cotton bud for each colour. If artist brush is used, remember to wash them clean each time you change colours.